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Next Festival May 11-13,2023 

Arts / Crafts Online Registration Form

Craft Vendor Terms:

  1. Vendor sites are not confirmed until payment is received, and confirmation email is sent to you.

  2. Space Size: We offer a generous 20” x 17” craft vendor site in a grassy area. Sites are assigned when applications are approved, and fees are paid.

  3. Electricity: We do have limited sites with power hookup for a reasonable additional fee; We do not allow generators in the main craft area. Please let us know if you have specific requirements for your site.

  4. Tents are allowed with proper weights/tie downs for windy weather.

  5. The vendor is responsible for any/all material to set up your displays. The South Carolina Poultry Festival is NOT responsible for setting up materials or getting vendors in their space.

  6. This is an outside event. Please plan for changes in weather accordingly. We do not issue refunds for weather events.

  7. Exhibit set up is at your discretion. Areas are monitored by local police. Set up must be completed by May 13, 2023, at 9:00am. Parade will start at 10am and traffic in /around the Main Street area will be limited. Please plan accordingly.

  8. Exhibit break down will commence at 5pm on Saturday, May 13, 2023.

  9. No factory-built products are allowed in the craft vendor area.

  10. The South Carolina Poultry Festival reserves the right to reject any application and/or prevent an exhibitor from participating whose merchandise, conduct or actions are not within the perimeters of the concept of the South Carolina Poultry Festival. Failure to comply may result in your exhibit being closed and not considering your application for future events.

  11. Parking will not be available at your vendor site. Parking will be available on adjacent side streets, and overflow parking areas.


** The SC Department of Revenue requires ALL VENDORS have a Retail License in compliance with SC Code 12-38-510. You can find more information at (THIS IS REQUIRED, NO EXCEPTIONS!) I understand the town of Batesburg-Leesville, The South Carolina Poultry Festival, the State of South Carolina, and/or anyone connected with any of the aforementioned shall be harmless from any and all losses, know damages, injuries, causes of action, or judgements by any party/parties that may occur.

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